Bronze Sculptures

Here at Thorndale Furnishers we are delighted to offer a fantastic, quality collection of bronze finish animal and figurative pieces.

​All pieces are hand-made and sculptured by a group of skilled British artists who care about their subject and whose passion is beautifully captured in each finished article.

​Covering most popular subjects; Hares and a fantastic selection of Cat sculptures by Paul Jenkins, this quality collection also includes a wonderful selection of Otters, Dogs, Highland Cattle, Equine, Farmyard and other animal sculptures, manufactured by hand and with great care by skilled craftsmen and women.

Please note the following important information if you are considering viewing one of the following products.

Whilst we strive to regularly update our Accessories section and the products shown within, featured items can be discontinued at any time and sometimes without our knowledge.

We would therefore ask that before undertaking a journey to view one of the following products, that you contact us here at the store to ensure its availability.

Dimensions – w21 x h19cm

Dimensions – w27 x h42cm
Tom & Fred
Dimensions – h18cm

Toby and Poppy
Dimensions – h13cm

Otter Fishing
Dimensions – w33 x h37cm
Winston Springer Spaniel
Dimensions – w15 x h21cm

Twos Company
Dimensions – h21cm

Hannah & Hamish
Dimensions – w23 x h44cm
Dimensions – w2 x h26cm

Hercules Hare
Dimensions – w24 x h36cm

Dimensions – w25 x h30cm
Delia Duck
Dimensions – w17 x h17cm

Dimensions – w30 x h19cm

Donkey and Foal
Dimensions – w23 x h25cm
Otter Crouching
Dimensions – w15 x h7cm

Highland Heifers
Dimensions – w24 x h16cm

Twin Lambs (Medium)
Dimensions – w18 x h9cm