Furnico Townley 2 Seater Sofa

Part of the contemporary Townley collection, combining a stylish high-back design offering great lumber support and comfy padded arm cushions, a selection of attractive and practical soft covers, plus a host of quality features to make it a great choice for both classic and modern settings alike.

Product Sizes

W: 150cm

D: 99cm

H: 109cm


Please note: All measurements are approximate but as near to accurate as possible.

Range Features & Finishes


<li>Clean and contemporary styling</li>
<li>Supportive high-back design</li>
<li>Handcrafted here in the UK</li>
<li>Comfy padded arm cushions</li>
<li>Fibre filled back cushions</li>
<li>Deep supportive Reflex filled seat cushions</li>
<li>Fully hand-tailored covers</li>
<li>Choice of optional manual or power recliner actions</li>
<li>Hand-built frames</li>



<li>Choice of hand-tailored soft covers – please see in-store for details</li>

Additional Product Information