Helsinki Stool Table

Part of the wonderful Metropolitan collection, the stunning Helsinki Stool Table with its brushed stainless steel frame & base, together with a selection of quailty stone or glass tops would make a great addition in any home .

Product Sizes

<strong>Available Sizes</strong>

<li>60cm top diameter, 76.5cm high</li>
<li>70cm top diameter, 76.5cm high</li>
<li>75cm top diameter, 76.5cm high (stone only, no glass)</li>
<li>80cm top diameter, 76.5cm high</li>
<li>90cm top diameter, 76.5cm high</li>
<li>60x60cm sq top 76.5cm high</li>


Base width 39cm for tops up to 60cm – 70cm diameter.<br>
Base width 45cm for tops up to 80cm – 90cm diameter.<br>
Base width 60cm for tops up to 90cm diameter.


Please note: All measurements are approximate but as near to accurate as possible.

Table Top Size

60cm Diameter Top, 60cm Square Top, 70cm Diameter Top, 75cm Diameter Top, 80cm Diameter Top, 90cm Diameter Top

Range Features & Finishes


<li>Brushed stainless steel frame & base</li>
<li>Quality white glass top</li>



Table Top Opions

<li>Talila Grey  (Granite)</li>
<li>Nero Bon Accord (Granite)</li>
<li>Nero Assoluto (Granite)</li>
<li>Blue Pearl (Granite)</li>
<li>Star Galaxy (Granite)</li>
<li>Kashmir White (Granite)</li>
<li>Giallo Venezia (Granite)</li>
<li>Ubatuba (Granite)</li>
<li>Carrara (Marble)</li>
<li>Botticino (Marble)</li>
<li>Starlight Black (Manufactured Quartz)</li>
<li>Starlight White (Manufactured Quartz)</li>
<li>Mid Grey (Manufactured Quartz)</li>
<li>Polar White (Manufactured Quartz)</li>

Table Top Finish

Blue Pearl (Granite), Botticino (Marble), Carrara (Marble), Giallo Venezia (Granite), Glass, Kashmir White (Granite), Mid Grey (Quartz), Nero Assoluto (Polished Granite), Nero Bon Accord (Granite), Polar White (Quartz), Star Galaxy (Granite), Starlight Black (Quartz), Starlight White (Quartz), Talila Grey (Granite), Ubatuba (Granite)