Tiled – Radio Controlled Wall Clock (QC 9141)


With its Lime washed Oak style finish and eye-catching stone tiled inserts in neutral tones this stylish wall clock would suit a wide range of homes and settings. Featuring bevelled mineral glass, silver coloured dial & pendulum and a radio controlled German crystal quartz movement which automatically picks up UK time signal and checks itself daily for more accuracy, its beauty is more than just skin deep.

Product Sizes

W: 24cm

D: 10cm

H: 84cm


Please note: All measurements are approximate but as near to accurate as possible.

Range Features & Finishes


<li>Lime washed Oak style finish with eye-catching stone tiled inserts</li>
<li>Silver coloured dial & pendulum bob</li>
<li>Bevelled mineral glass</li>
<li>Radio Control German crystal quartz</li>
<li>Automatically adjusts to UK time signal</li>
<li>Continues to check itself daily for more accurate time keeping</li>
<li>Quality case construction</li>



<li>Lime washed Oak and stone effect</li>

Additional Information

German Crystal Quartz Pendulum movement – Guaranteed for two years – see in-store for details